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Letter From The Creator

Dearest Friends,


My name is Maria M. Steele, but everyone calls me Mia Dolce, and I am the creator of pOckets The Sentimental Bear.

My 'aha' moment came while spending precious time with my two adorable nieces Antonia and Francesca. I told the girls that pOckets was a gift from their Nonna Antonia, my mother, given to me when I was a young girl. To their surprise, I gently turned him over and began telling them my story by removing cherished keepsakes from pOckets' secret hiding place.

Captivated, the girls hung on every word, not wanting to miss a single treasure as it was revealed. My heart burst with joy: how extraordinary to see my little bear, with all my

cherished tokens, capture the imaginations and the hearts of my young nieces.

Antonia and Francesca begged me for their very own bear so he could safeguard collected treasures of their own. 'Why of course my tender little hearts,' I replied. That Christmas, to the delight of all, I was able to give each girl their very own pOckets.

Now it is my dream to spread the love to others ... for everyone has a story to tell and memories to keep.

Ps. A pOcket Full of Love Sentiments

Maria Marchese Steele

Mia Dolce

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