pOckets, The Sentimental Bear What's in your pOckets?

The History of pOckets

When Maria Marchese Steele and her family emigrated to America more than forty years ago, little Mia's mother gave her a teddy bear named Tesoro -treasure in Italian- to comfort her youngest daughter and to console her while longing for the familiar security of home. Tesoro has been Mia's beloved companion for many years, and remains perched by her bedside readily offering his warmth, and love.

Many years have passed since making her journey here from Italy, but Mia stayed true to her cuddly friend Tesoro.

One evening on a cold and frigid night, Mia retired to her room hoping to find comfort in the warmth of her welcoming bed. However this was not to be, for she had lost her mother a few months earlier and was still haunted by the absence of her embrace. While tossing and turning she looked around the room in hopes of finding peace from the darkness that echoed through the night. Then suddenly she was uplifted when noticing her dear old friend Tesoro who had been tattered and longing for a tender hug himself. To her surprise she impulsively stuffed her childhood teddy bear with cherished tokens that belonged to her beloved mother.

Mia then slipped back into bed with Tesoro, and was comforted knowing that the memory of her mother


and her priceless sentiments were close to her heart protecting Mia from the chill that had seeped into the night.

Some time after Mia became an aunt, and was delighted to spend an evening with her two youngest nieces. Wishing to read the girls a special bedtime story, she looked around the room in hopes of finding just the right tale. She then smiled at the thought of introducing them to her old and true teddy bear that beheld a secret hiding place, and who was now named pOckets, for he was the bearer of a pocket full of all her heartfelt sentiments.


Charmed and captivated by both the bear and his hidden treasures, the girls begged their aunt Mia for a pOckets bear to take home. Aha, she thought, and was delighted to surprise them with a sentimental bear of their own a few months thereafter.

This is the story of how pOckets The Sentimental Bear came to be. Read the complete story...